Edgewood Launches Go Solar Campaign

Edgewood United Church has launched a “Go Solar” campaign to raise $80,000 for the installation of 80 solar panels on the roof over the social hall. By installing this system, which will convert sunlight into electricity, our congregation will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases it puts into the atmosphere. Edgewood hopes to be one of the first churches in Mid-Michigan to “go solar” to reduce our carbon pollution and be good stewards of the environment.


The campaign was officially launched on May 1 with a worship service focusing on the importance of being good stewards of the Earth. Members of the congregation are being asked to donate to the campaign or to sign pledges indicating how much they will give by Sunday, June 12. Individuals will have an option of paying in several ways, including automatic deductions given between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2016.


In June 2015 the General Synod of the United Church of Christ passed a resolution urging all UCC churches to move as rapidly as possible away from burning fossil fuels and towards the installation of solar and other renewable energy technologies. The Plymouth UCC congregation in Grand Rapids successfully installed solar panels in September 2015 and several large organizations, including General Motors, Ford, Dominos, IKEA and Michigan State University have also put in place solar systems.

At the February annual meeting the congregation voted unanimously to install this 20-kilowatt system. The goal is to install the panels and operating system by the fall of 2016. Each member of the congregation is being asked to contribute to this campaign.

The solar system will have the impact of taking 86 cars off the road or planting 40 acres of trees. It will demonstrate in a dramatic way Edgewood’s environmental commitment to lessen the impact of climate change. It will also reduce the church’s electric bills and make the church both financially and environmentally more sustainable.


The panels will be installed by Peninsula Solar, which has successfully put in more than 40 systems in Michigan. The company will work closely with Streamline Enterprises, which installed the roof over the social hall in 2010, to make sure there are no leaks and to prevent invalidation of the roof’s warranty.


You can donate to the Go Solar Campaign using PayPal or credit card. The deadline for donations and pledge cards for the Go Solar campaign is Sunday, June 12.


Click here to donate:



For a Q&A about the Solar Panel campaign, click the document below:

Q and A solar campaign.doc

For more information about the Go Solar campaign contact Jim Detjen at jamesdetjen@gmail.com, John Baumgartner at jeb1015@comcast.net or Dave Kidd at adkidds@gmail.com .

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