Farmers Market & Fair Trade

Farmers Market & Fair Trade

Farmers Market

Each Sunday during the summer and early fall, Edgewood’s Hunger Task Force hosts a pop-up farmer’s market after worship. Produce is donated by Edgewood members from their home and community gardens. All proceeds from the market go to support the The Greater Lansing Food Bank and these ministry partners:

  • The Avondale Parish Church in Harare, Zimbabwe to assist families who have lost members to AIDS
  • St. Mary’s Rehabilitation Centre in Chezi, Malawi in support of their orphanage

Fair Trade

On the Second Sunday of every month, after worship there is a fair trade sale featuring coffee, tea, chocolates, olive oil and nuts.  These products are Organic and Fair Trade, coming from Equal Exchange sponsored by the United Church of Christ.  This means the farmer gets a fair price for the product selling directly to Equal Exchange, and that there is no “middle person” taking profit.  The profit Edgewood makes from these sales goes into the Justice and Peace Fund, working to help people nearby and around the world.