United in Love

United in Love

United in Love is Edgewood’s annual workshop to enhance committed relationships of all couples through personal growth, meaningful communication and the strengthening of mutual trust.  The aim is to assist couples of all ages, races, faiths, sexual orientations, gender identities, and economic abilities.

United in Love is inclusive – all couples welcome – same sex and opposite sex; married and unmarried.

United in Love Participants’ Experiences

“We have really enjoyed United in Love.  Not only does the program give you valuable tools to enhance your relationship, this program is highly LGBTQIA+ friendly.  Our relationships are honored, valued,  and viewed on the same plane as those of heterosexual couples.  Our facilitators wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’ve enjoyed the social interaction and bonding with other couples — from newlyweds to those who’ve been together for over 50 years.  It’s been a privilege and blessing to experience United in Love and proactively devote nurturing time to our relationship.”  – Marie W. & Nancy W.

“We found the United in Love workshop to be valuable to our relationship because it provides a simple and workable framework for constructively communicating with each other about difficult – and day-to-day – topics, and we have learned that better communication is essential to our continuing growth as a couple. We have also really appreciated the (optional) get-togethers after the workshop with other participants because they provide a rare opportunity to share our ups and downs as couples with others in a caring environment.” – Anne-Marie & Tom V.

“United in Love creates a community in which it is a safe place and a learning opportunity to engage in the dynamics of committed relationship. After 49+ years of marriage, writing a love letter to each other is a powerful and loving thing to do.  We learned to do this through United in Love.” – Nancy & Allan M.

“United in Love is the only program we have participated in that allowed us the time, space, and tools to intentionally communicate with each other and it provided an opportunity for deep sharing.”  – Marcia B., shown here with her spouse, Harold, with whom she attended a United in Love workshop.