Justice & Peace

Justice & Peace

Edgewood has a 60+ year tradition of working for socio-economic justice and peace. We collaborate with other faith communities and human rights groups working on these issues locally and across the state and nation. In 1996 Edgewood became a Just Peace congregation. As a result, when we read the scriptures, make financial decisions, and seek to do God’s work in the world, we do so with an eye toward social justice and peacemaking.

Just Peace Covenant

Edgewood members and friends involved in the work of justice and peace advocate for change in the laws and regulations that permit injustice and inequality. A core group of members & friends formed the Justice & Peace Team committed to advocacy and action, and its current focuses include:

Immigration – advocating for just, humane, and comprehensive immigration policy reform.

Palestine/Israel – developing education programs to help implement the United Church of Christ resolutions on Israel and Palestine.

Prison Concerns – following developments in criminal justice, from arrest to reentry of prisoners, and supporting organizations and actions that reduce crime and recidivism.

Demilitarization and Support of the United Nations – seeking to reduce the militarization of our nation and its foreign policy, and the world, as well as the more than $1 trillion annual U.S. military budget.

Facilitating Sustainability in the Developing World – supporting non-governmental agencies that train and advise local entrepreneurs and farmers to improve their market reach – sometimes even to the level.

To Whom Shall We Give? Recommendations from the Justice & Peace team for giving in 2023-2024.  To Whom Shall We Give?