Marcus and Cole’s Story

Marcus and Cole’s Story

While searching for a church where he could be open and authentic as a gay person, Cole first came to Edgewood in 2003.  Inquiring with pastors of several local area churches – being direct about his sexuality and asking how welcomed he would be in their church as a gay person, he became discouraged with the repeatedly occurring answers of, “Well, you’d be welcome, BUT…” or “Well, we do preach from the BIBLE…”  Eventually Edgewood became one of two area churches he heard were welcoming to gay people.  After checking out both of them, he landed at Edgewood.  Cole joined Edgewood as a member the following year, in 2004.  Marcus came to Edgewood after he and Cole met in 2013.

Why Edgewood?

Edgewood provides regular reassurance that being gay does not separate us – or even distance us – from God.  As a community, we come together to embrace and celebrate our differences, and worship God as our authentic selves.  This personal honesty empowers our spirit, our health, our relationships, and our view of the world.

What do you love about our church?

We love the people! Edgewood is blessed with a dynamic and diverse congregation, be it gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexuality and identity, vocation, talents, family relationships, academic interests… you name it.  Edgewood hosts a regular smorgasbord of life experiences…  Just imagine being a part of that!!